A Call for Action

November 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Standing Rock Sioux called for a day of action Tuesday, November 15th around sunset. They asked that people march together to the nearest source of water and pray. The Standing Rock Sioux do not underestimate the power of being together and putting intentions out into the world.

   "The most important thing that the people on the outside can do is pray. It's when we come together that we win!", said Lakota man, Calvert Swallows, during a prayer circle at Rosebud Camp, ND.

    People from all over the world have been gathering in solidarity. I think a common misconception is that this is a fight between the Dakota Access Pipeline co. and the Standing Rock Sioux. This is a fight for everyone and everything relying on water. The Missouri River is supplying water to millions. This is certainly not the last fight either. Many predict that there will be more protests like this in the near future. This is a very detrimental time for our environment and humanity; more and more people are coming together to fight the good fight.

Peaceful protestors gathered to march in solidarity to the river.               Paonia, CO     11/15/16

      I joined an action in my hometown Paonia, Colorado, where people of all ages came together to not only stand for Standing Rock, but for our own local water. The people in this valley understand the seriousness when it comes to water and land being threatened by gas an oil companies. Many people here have been fighting against our BLM land being auctioned off to the fracking companies. Some signs read 'DON'T FRACK THE FORK' , referring to the North Fork Valley. The march was peaceful and full of positive people. The small community here in the North Fork Valley have donated thousands of pounds of fresh and bulk food to the front lines in North Dakota. The work and effort that has been put into this movement does not go unnoticed. During my stay in North Dakota we would pray every night and morning for the people who were supporting the water protectors from the outside. Not everyone can be at the protest camp, but the people behind the scenes supplying mass amounts of food and other donations to the people in North Dakota are enabling this all to happen.

Paonia water protectors gathered on the river in prayer

Efforts are still being made to support and unify for this cause. Find an action near you!

Photo sent to me from Gomez Alexis, all the way from Guatemala! Standing in Solidarity.







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